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Is SHUTi right for your patients?

SHUTi has been shown to work well alone or combined with other treatments for insomnia.  Our extensive research is unmatched in the industry and can provide invaluable information for clinicians looking for the right solution for their patients.

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Research and Professional Journals

Research into Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) continues to report positive outcomes and, most recently, also shows a significant impact on depression and anxiety. SHUTi has the largest evidence base of any online CBT-I based program available.

Using SHUTi with Breast Cancer Survivors (2018)

Effect of SHUTi with 1-year follow-up (2017)

Meta-analysis studying the efficacy of internet-delivered CBT-I (2016)

The following articles focus on the recent trial by the Black Dog Institute measuring outcomes when using SHUTi to treat insomnia, depression, and anxiety:

The following articles are summaries from presentations at the 2015 SLEEP Conference:

Prominent articles on CBT-I that speak to the positive effects and results of SHUTi:

Thank you! I am excited to offer this solution to my clients. I am happy to provide a well-researched intervention that moves beyond medication management. While the pharmaceutical industry pours billions of dollars into advertisements, I’m happy to be one more voice advocating CBT-I.  SHUTi makes this easily accessible, and I appreciate the chance to be involved (through the Clinician View) so I can feed the information back into treatment.
Dr. Roundy, SHUTi Professional Partner
“…If face-to-face therapy isn’t an option, you can buy an online version of the technique. The best-studied program is called Sleep Healthy Using the Internet, or SHUTi (” from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy offers a drug-free method for managing insomnia. June 10, 2015.
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