Ready To Sleep Better?

Start your journey back to restful nights and alert days. SHUTi is a safe, effective alternative to long-term medication for insomnia and can be used as a self-help program or in combination with treatment from your sleep doctor, even if you are currently using sleep medication.

Each week, for 6 weeks, you will complete one interactive, online learning session. Each session takes approximately 25-45 minutes to complete. During the week, you’ll practice the new strategies you’ve learned and take 2-4 minutes each day to complete your Daily Sleep Diaries.

You can choose between SHUTi and SHUTi Professional.  The content of both programs is identical.  SHUTi Professional simply allows your clinician to provide you with their code (if they have registered with SHUTi) so that they can follow your progress online.  A Clinician Code is not needed for standard SHUTi.

Start Using SHUTi


one time fee for 16-weeks of access, no code is needed.

Or choose SHUTi Professional if your doctor has provided you with a Clinical Access Coupon


one time fee for 20-weeks of access

What’s Included?

  • Access to research-proven SHUTi program, including 6 interactive lessons delivered over a 6-week period
  • Online Daily Sleep Diaries
  • Personalized Sleep Window recommendations each week
  • Unique engaging interactions ensure knowledge transfer, foster skills practice and test strategy application
  • Sleep Improvement progress reports
  • Option to integrate with Fitbit™ Activity and Sleep Tracker
  • Printable reference materials to share with friends and family

To help you feel confident in your ability to maintain your improved sleep after the 6-week period, we provide you with an additional 10 – 14 weeks to use and review the program as part of your selected SHUTi subscription.

I am a 64-year-old woman and have suffered a long time with sleep difficulties. Until I used SHUTi, most of my nights of sleep were restless and interrupted. As a result, I felt “tired to the bone” practically every day. I saw several doctors, but it was not helpful. When I began using SHUTi, I followed the instructions exactly. It was hard at first, but gradually got better. By the end of the program, I felt unbelievably grateful that I had used it! It’s been several months, and I am still sleeping well most of the time. I would strongly encourage anyone having sleep difficulties to use this program!
D. Collins, insomnia 16+ years
It really is hard to believe this works, but I swear by it and recommend it to anyone.
Christine L., 5 years of insomnia
It has been a great program! It was hard,but I stuck to it & got great results. It used to take me 1/2 hour to up to 2 hours to fall asleep. Now, it takes on average,5-10 minutes! I highly recommend this to anyone who has tried all else. This works!
Jane W., 16 years of insomnia